Saturday 7 June 2014

Food and recipes - some activities to improve English using digital tools

Talking about food and recipes can help ESL learners improve their
  • food related vocabulary
  • oral skills (brainstorming, discussion, giving instructions)
  • written skills (describing and giving instructions)
  • knowledge of different cultures (learning foreign recipes, food and traditions)
  • healthy habits


Here's a great site with exercises and activities about cooking and kitchens:

Some printables:

Cooking worksheets:

Vocabulary about cooking:

Students' task
Prepare a mindmap about cooking vocabulary using a mindmapping tool.


Some British recipes:

Recipes and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner):

Cuisines by country:

Students' task
Choose one recipe and prepare it at home. The next day show your classmates how you prepared it (or make a video!).


Recipe calculator to calculate the nutritional information of a recipe:

Healthy recipes:

Healthy food to prevent heart disease (British Heart Foundation):
Students' task
What do you do to keep yourself fit? Describe your diet and your habits using a presentation tool.

You have a lot of information about food and cooking, now. You are ready to create...your digital magazine! With Glossi you can publish your own magazine with text, images, links or videos. It's very simple, have a look at my short example:

Click on the image to open

Students' task
Create your own web magazine with Glossi! Write your articles, add images and videos and have fun!