Monday, 29 December 2014

New Year is coming. Let's have a look at the horoscope!

Who among us has never peeked the horoscope? Whether we believe it or not, at the beginning of a new year we always have a look at the astrological predictions.

In this lesson you will reflect on yourself, you will improve your personality adjectives vocabulary and you will revise English grammar about making predictions.

What's your astrological sign?

Star signs

The Western Zodiac

The Chineese Zodiac

The Chineese Horoscope:

 Zodiac Signs

A list of personality adjectives:

Positive and negative personalty adjectives for each star sign:


What's your personality like? Describe some positive and some negative traits of you character. Is your zodiac sign description right in your opinion?
Which animal are you in the Chineese horoscope? Describe your personality according to this horoscope.

What will  your future be like?

2015 Horoscope:

Making predictions:

Future tenses:

Talking about probability:


What does you horoscope say about the 2015? What do you think will happen next year? Talk about your expectations, predictions and resolutions for the new year.

Some worksheets and printables for teachers:


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