Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tour Builder by Google - Storytelling with maps


Tour Builder is a free fantastic tool! You have the whole world to put your stories on! It allows you to create or explore stories directly in the various countries of the world where they are set.
You will need to install the Google Earth Plugin (it only takes a couple of minutes), if you haven't already.
You can take a 3D trip inside stories!

It could be very useful to study history, geography, literature and even storytelling.

If you want to create your story-trip  you have to 
  • choose your destination on the Google map
  • add your photos, videos, links
  • describe the places, pictures, photos or videos you put in (you can give a general description in the "tell the story" box and you can also describe picture by picture)
  • insert some links if you want people to get more information

Tour Builder takes track of all your movements on the map and this is the final result. Watch my brief example about my Cambridge experience! Choose "enter Street View" on the map to watch 3D the places I saw!

Some students' tasks:

Describe your last school (or family) trip. 
  • Mark all the places you visited on the map
  • Add some pictures or videos
  • Describe the places you visited
Is there an esotic place in the world you would like to visit?
  • Choose a destination
  • Find some photos about that place on the Net and add them
  • Invent a travel route 
  • Add some links to give information about the places you would like to visit
  • Write the reasons why you would like to go there

Let's go travelling!