Sunday, 4 May 2014

Teacher appreciation!

Teacher appreciation week: May, 5-9

Teacher appreciation day: May, 6

To celebrate this Teacher Appreciation week I chose a digital tool. 
Padlet is a digital notice-board. Double-clicking anywhere on the board you can leave a message, a link, a picture, a poem... (If you drag-and-drop your text-box you can move it wherever you want).
I'm going to ask my students to write something (positive or negative) for/about me. They can use their real name or remain anonymous.
This will be very useful to
  • get a quick feedback
  • become aware (or have further confirmation) of my strenghts
  • become aware of any problems
  • make the students feel important by telling them I really need and consider their opinion

I've just created my students' board, click on the image below...

If you clik on this other image, instead, you will open a blank Teachers' Board I've just created for all the teachers who want to tell their opinion about teaching! Leave your comments (you don't need to log in)!!

1 comment:

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