Sunday, 4 May 2014

For teachers - creative writing for Mother's Day

May, 11th is Mother's Day. Another occasion to improve our students' writing skills and stimulate their creativity. 

This time we tried Storyjumper

It is a great simple tool to create e-books. The following is a brief example of a Storyjumper book, just to give the idea of what you can do. I asked my youngest students to make a little book for their mothers.

They had to:
  • Surf the Net to find images
  • Upload their own images or photos
  • Choose their scenes as background
  • Write a sentence for each image
  • Write a brief text 
  • Draw some characters using the "Props" 
Click on the image below

It is a very funny activity because students can draw their own characters (choosing their dresses, faces, hair, etc), they can choose different props (animals, food, objects, etc.), they can use their own pictures to write a story.  
Have fun and be creative!

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