Thursday, 29 May 2014

Aesop's moral stories - let's talk about fables using digital tools

Aesop was an ancient Greek fabulist. He is presumed to have been born in 620 B.C. Unfortunately not much is certain about his life but some agree that June, 4th was his birthday. It's an opportunity for us to talk about fables. Aesop's fables's characters are animals, often with a humorous twist, and his tales always have a moral and a lesson to teach.

If you want to read, watch or listen to Aesop's fables click on the following links:

Aesop's fables summaries:

Youtube cartoons about Aesop's fables with subtitles:

Aesops's fables audio files with a printable transcript:



Now click on the image below to open my Blendspace lesson  and, after reading all the information, write a report about Aesop, his most famous fables and morals.


The following is a Padlet board I made for you. There are 5 simple steps to create your own fable. Click on the image below to open the board, then click on each step to open a link.

Then, make a presentation with Projeqt (you can pin your presentation's URL on my Padlet board!). Click on the link below to open my short example.

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