Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Christmas Carol: a flipped lesson.

Every year at Christmas time I talk about A Christmas Carol in my classes for many different reasons. It is a wonderful Christmas tale and it allows to study some aspects of British literature, as well. We usually watch the last Disney movie and we read some excerpts from the book.
This year I thought of a flipped lesson. Students have to gather information and do some research about the tale before watching the movie or reading the book. Then, they will discuss the topics concerning the novella, the author and the Victorian Era in their classroom. As a teacher, I will just provide the learning material, suggest the websites to surf outside the classroom and guide my students to apply their knowledge during class activities.
As usual, I prepared a lesson with the help of some digital tools. I created a mindmap with Cacoo and I made it interactive with Thinglink.
If you move the cursor over the image below, some icons will appear. Click on them to open the links. You will find some information about Charles Dickens, the main characters of his novella and some fun activities.

The following is a deepening on the Victorian Era for more advanced students. I prepared this mindmap with Popplet. You will find some videos, links and a PowerPoint presentation. 
Click on the following symbol on the image to enlarge:

Inside the classroom the students will discuss what they have learned outside the classroom. They will actively and interactively apply their knowledge.

Some ideas for class discussion:

  • What are the moral lessons in this story?
  • Describe how Scrooge changes during the night of Christmas Eve.
  • Would a visit from the three spirits of the tale impact your life? How?
  • How would you describe the Victorian Era?
  • Can we see any typical aspects of the Victorian Age in the novella? 
  • What is Dickens' position towards the social problems of his era?


  1. Excellent prepared lesson with the use of digital tools.
    Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Digital tools help us to plan such a nice lesson.

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  5. Thank you for sharing this lesson. which I have included it in my list of 7 Christmas short stories for middle school. I know my readers will enjoy it!

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  7. I watched the trailer to the movie and i had remembered that i had watched it when in was little.The three ghost try to teach the old man to be good.In the Victorian age the children were treated horrible they had to work in the cotton mills and if they were late,to slow or not working they would get hit with the cane. Most of the time while working they would get injured. One of the children said that they saw someone lose two fingers and someone else had gotten there foot cut. The style of the homes were different if you had more money your home would look more elegent and if you didn't have money your home would look like it is falling apart.