Sunday, 16 November 2014

Street food in the UK: let's try some fish and chips!

Street food is artisan food. You can usually buy it from  stalls in the streets, it is not served from restaurants or cafes.

Learn more about street food in the UK

What is street food?

Top 10 London street food stalls:

Street food

Fish and chips

A common street food in Britain is fish and chips. It consists of battered fish, commonly  cod or haddock, and deep-fried chips. A common side dish is mushy peas.

What is fish and chips:

English Fish 'n Chips

Fish and chips origins
The unlikely origin of fish and chips

The history of fish and chips

The history of fish and chips in Britain
Do you want to prepare it yourself? 
Read the recipes and watch the video!

Fish and chips recipe:

Mushy peas recipe:

Fish and chips recipe

Street food around the world

A simple guide:

Answer the following questions:

What's your country' s typical street food? Do you like it?
You've just read some information about street food around the world: 
what's your favourite street food and why?

Create an interactive mindmap with Thinglink as the one I created for you as an example.
Choose an image of the world, upload it on Thinglink and put links on it (just clicking anywhere on the image) about typical street food of different nations. 
Have fun!


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