Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October, 5th: The Beatles released "Love me do"... and a legend was born.

On October, 5th 1962 The Beatles released 
their debut single "Love me do".
The song was a hit!

"Love me do" - The Beatles
Now it's up to you!
"Love me do" karaoke

Now take a look at my interactive Thinglink image below. Move your cursor over the image and open the links. You will find information about The Beatles biography and their most famous songs. You can also do some fill in exercises while listening to some songs (to listen to the songs, click on the link under the image).

Here's a list in alphabetical order of The Beatles' songs. For each song you can have information, read the lyrics and listen to the music (or even watch a video):

If you need great worksheets click on this link:


1) Watch the following video. It's an old Beatles' interview with fans. Do you think the fans' questions would be different today? What would you ask to the fab four?

The Beatles interview with fans - 1964

2) Create a Beatles' Fakebook page! Take a look at the Fakebook gallery just to get an idea and use the information you read in the biographies.

"The Beatles will exist without us."
George Harrison

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