Saturday, 13 September 2014

Roald Dahl Day - September, 13

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."
Roald Dahl

Visit the fantastic Roald Dahl website! You can find an interesting Roald Dahl timeline biography, great quizzes and lesson plans, you can search for information by stories or by characters and a lot of other amazing things.

In 2014 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as well. It is maybe Roald Dahl’s best-known story.  

Below you can read an extract from my presentation about a Cineforum on movies drawn from children's novels.

"Charlie and the chocolate factory" trailer

Let's sing along!  

Augustus Gloop song

Veruca Salt song

Violet Beauregarde Song

 The Oompa Loompa Song 

Students' task

Answer the following questions.
What is the moral of the story? 
Which character did you like the most? Why? 
Invent a new type of sweet for Willy Wonka's factory that has got a particular magical power, describe its features and explain what happens to those who eat it. Choose a friend or a member of your family and explain why you would give your sweet to him/her.

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  1. I like this book very much; it reminds me my childhood: in that period I was fascinated by this novel and by its novelist, Roald Dahl. This story learns a lot of things very important for the life of every day and I think that this story hasn't only fascinated me , but all kids who have seen the movie and read the novel.