Monday, 25 August 2014

Notting Hill Carnival - August, 24 and 25 2014 - What's your favourite Carnival?

Colours, music, stalls, floats and costumes. The  biggest European  street festival  is held in London in August.
London's Afro-Caribbean communities have celebrated their traditions since 1964 but learn more about this festival clicking on the following Blendspace lesson I prepared for you:

Notting Hill Carnival


Notting Hill Worksheets and Printables

Carnival vocabulary

Practice some Carnival vocabulary, and then take the test at:

ESL Resources on Carnivals around the World

The most famous carnivals:

A Video Quiz: Carnivals from around the world:

The most famous Italian Carnivals

Have a look at the following information I've put on Thinglink about  three famous Italian Carnival cities. Moreover I've added on Thinglink some videos I've mixed up with Metta. Enjoy!

What's your favourite Carnival? Do you celebrate Carnival in your country or city? Write an essay about some particular traditions or masks that characterize your country or city's Carnival.