Friday, 24 January 2014

Holocaust Memorial Day - January, 27th

“For the dead and the living, we must bear witness.”

January, 27th is the Holocaust Memorial Day. First of all let's have a look at some interactive presentations about World War 2nd .

Why did it start? From the Children's British History Encyclopedia, a very simple summary:
Here you can find some videos, images, comments and information.  There are interactive maps and a timeline.
This is a BBC interactive animation with historical information, images and a virtual tour of Aushwitz camp.

Some activities in the UK:

We watched "The king's speech" in class. It is not about holocaust but it talks about the famous speech King George VI made to his people on September, 3rd 1939 marking the beginning of WW2.

This is a webquest for you.
To the link below you can find the film trailer, a George VI biography, the recording of the real speech with the script and some activities based on the movie. Answer the following questions:
  • How did George VI become king?
  • Who was his wife?
  • Why did he become popular and loved by his people?
  • Who helped him to amend his stammer?
  • Where can you find the original transcript of his famous speech?
  • Which part of the speech did you like most?
  • What does the king mean when he says that he speaks to his "peoples"?
  • Which is the principle he wants to fight against?
  • What are the "motivational posters"?
  • How many copies of "keep calm" posters were printed?
Surf the sites I choose for you and find the answers:

“If we bear all this suffering and if there are still Jews left, 
when it is over, then Jews, instead of being doomed, 
will be held up as an example.”


  1. George VI became king because his brother (first in the line of succession) abdicated. Edward wanted to marry Wallis Simpson that was divorced. A king could not marry a divorced woman also because he is the head of the Church. Geirge didn't want to become king because he stammered but in the end he became a beloved and respected king!

  2. The king was loved by his people because during WW2 he stayed in London and didn't run away. He went to visit troops and was very brave.

  3. I've read the webquest and I tried to answer to the questions. These are my answers:
    1. George VI became King unexpectedly following the abdication of his brother, who wanted to marry a divorced woman.
    2. His wife was Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.
    3. He became popular and loved by his people because during the World War 2nd he and his family didn't leave Buckingham Palace.
    4. The man who helped George VI to amend his stammer was a doctor, an australian speech therapist, called Lionel Logue.
    5. The original transcript of George VI's famous speech is based at the Metropolitan Police Historical Collection.
    6. The part of the speech of the King that I liked most is when George VI encourages his peoples and ask them to stand calm, firm and united.
    7. When the King says that he speak to his peoples he means that he is speaking to his whole kingdom.
    8. The principle against which the King wants to fight is Hitler's Nazism.
    9. The "motivational posters" are posters that the Government designed to steady the public's resolve and maintain morale.
    10. On the eve of World War 2nd were printed millions of copies of the "Keep Calm" posters (two-and-a-half millions).

    Sveva, III B

  4. I like this movie. It's the story of a brave man!

  5. the answer is
    1)george 6th become king following the abdication of this brother, king Edward 8th, in 1936
    2)he married Lady Elisabeth Bowes Lion(1923)
    3)because he and his family during the Second world War, remaneid for most of the time at Buckingam Palace(bombed nine times during the war). He and his wife, visited severely bombed area in the East End of London and else where in the country, gaining popularity.
    4)Lionel Logue helped him to amend his stammer.
    5)on "Historic UK".
    6)I like the part in which he speaks of God because British are christians (like the writing "God save the king/queen").
    7)He say "peoples" to indicate the various peoples of his kingdom.
    9)"God save the king","keep calm and carry on", "we've got to be prepared","freedom is in peril defend it with all your might","your courage your cheer fullness your resolution wll bring us victory".
    10)Millions of copies.
    I'm sorry for not having published this post before