Friday, 25 October 2013

Ghost tours and haunted houses

A ghost tour is a guided tour, usually conducted at night. You can visit places where ghosts are usually seen...

Sometimes known as a ghost walk or haunted history walk, a ghost tour is led by a guide who tells stories about ghosts, legends and history. Some are done on foot, walking from one haunted location to the next, some have guides who are dressed in period costumes. 

You can have a ghost tour in the USA or in the UK if you click on the following links...

We watched "Monster House" in our sixth grade! 
Watch the trailer!

And what about you?
Did you ever visit a haunted house?
Are there any haunted places in your town?


  1. In Gioia del Colle there is a castle. King Federick II imprisoned a young lady in the dungeon because he was jealous.
    They say that if you turn three times around the castle on Halloween night, you can see the ghost of lady Bianca.