Wednesday, 18 September 2013

London - August 2013

by Roberta Martino

What can I say? London is fantastic! It is a global city and it is leader in the arts, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, commerce, media.  It is one of the world's leading cultural capitals.
In London you can find people from all over the world and more than 300 languages are spoken there.

Samuel Johnson 

Some information about London:                                                                                

If you want to have a "virtual" tour of London click on the following link. You will see the most famous landmarks of the city, a video of each of them and you'll also have some information.

Here are some pictures I took last August.


"London is a roost for every bird." 
Benjamin Disraeli

The London Eye

 The Tower of London

"By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show."
  Samuel Johnson

The Tower Bridge

Modern London - The City

St Paul Cathedral

Buckingham Palace


Carnaby Street

Click here to watch a VIDEO about London's origins:

and take a look at the following to go on a virtual tour of London!

London is the capital of music, as well. A lot of famous musicians and bands were born there (the Beatles for example!) And a lot of songs were written for this city...

The 100 best London songs:

"Streets of London" is a song written by Ralph Mc Tell. Here you can watch the video and read the lyrics:                         
Sing along and have fun!


If you like, you can choose to discuss one of these topics:
1) The song says:
"Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London. I'll show you something, to make you change your mind." 
Why, in your opinion, should the people the author meets change their mind?
How could the streets of London help them? What idea did you get about London reading the information or watching the pictures and the videos I suggested?
Let's talk about that and let's share our opinions!

2) I took this picture when I went to London.
What does it mean? Does it tell us anything about British people (see the stereotypes post...)?
Could you take a picture that in your opinion represents your county?


  1. I went to london three years ago. It's fantastic! In my opinion the most interesting thing was that you can find there people from all over the world! I hope to go there again!

  2. This summer I went to London for a week. I saw many places, many parks and many museums: St. James Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Chealse Physic Garden etc. Among the museums: National Gallery, The Museum of London, The British Museum and the "Tate" Gallery. Very majestic are: Buckingham Palace, Westminister Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral. The place thet I liked most is the Tower of London because everythings seems to be the same of many centuries a go: the towers, the people wearing the old clothes and the "Beefethers". The crow jewels are amazing: a lot of pictures, a lot of gold jewels and a lot of people watching them. The only bad thing in london was the weather: it didn't rain all the time but it was much more colder than in Italy!
    -Alessandra 3°B

  3. Last summer I spended the best holiday that I've done. After traveling in Scotland for a week, I went to London by train.
    There, I visited Westminster Abbey, The British Museum and the Tower of London with the amazing Crown Jewels.
    Moreover, I saw the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Tower Bridge; I took long walks in many parks (such as St. James Park, Hyde Park, Regent's Park, Primrose Hill Park, Green Park) and in many places like Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Little Venice, Camden Town, Chinatown and others.
    Finally, I went on the London Eye where I could see London from above.
    The weather was cloudy and rainy and the temperatutre was about 14 degrees but despite this, the trip in London was fantastic!

    I hope to return in London as soon as possible and I'd also like to live there in the future. I love that city, the Londoners, their traditions, their lifestyle...
    For me, London it's the best.
    Sveva 3°B

  4. Dear girls,
    I know, London is amazing. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    In the summer i went to london.I've seen so many monuments and I also went to some museums.
    The museum that I liked most was "Madame Tussauds".
    For me this was a wonderful experience.

  6. "Streets of London"
    The lyrics of this song made ​​me think a lot ... Many people are always alone, abandoned and forgotten. The worst thing, though, is that these people just want to see only the negative side of their lives, because they do not remember or do not know what it means to have a normal life, a nice and cozy family. The author of the text wants to send a positive message to all these people. He tells them to "take his hand and walk together through the streets of London." This means that the author wants to change the minds of these who feel people alone and forgotten by the world. He wants to remind the world that there are people who need support or a simple help to improve a small part of our society. I believe that through this song we should see the positive side of life and adopt the idea of helping disadvantaged people, and not just the part that tells the sad loneliness of the characters of the text.
    Isabella Gisotti 3°B

  7. Dear Isabella,
    I really like your comment about the song!
    You know, like every big city, London has a dark side (suburbs, poverty, loneliness) and a bright one (monuments, tourism, glamour, etc). It's also a metaphor of life, we should always try to see the brighter side of things but we shouldn't forget those who need our help.

  8. "Streets of London"
    This song is beautiful, very significant and it's giving a lessons in life, that we should all follow.
    The song tells us that those who complain of being always lonely, should not give up.

  9. London is one my favorites and I would love to travel London and celebrate Christmas over there. jfk short term parking deals