Saturday, 4 March 2017

Are you a cell phone addict?

😨 Are you a cell phone addict? 😨

“With the development of technologies and a wide variety of the latest mobile devices available in stores, the new form of obsession appears within a recent decade. It is a mobile phone addiction, and its symptoms can be found among people almost in any part of the world. Especially, it is a problem for the younger generation.

Lost In The Web – Mobile phone addiction symptoms
Cell phone addiction in teenagers shows up in various forms and different everyday life situations. Kids are using their mobile devices like a drug – when they are bored, tired and lazy, when feeling angry or lonely.

Most common mobile phone addiction symptoms are:

  • A constant need to use a cell phone more often.
  • Loss of sense of time while surfing online.
  • Failed attempts to use a mobile device less.
  • Feelings of anxiety or being depressed.
  • Preferring using a cell phone instead of spending time with family and friends.
  • Feeling restless or irritable when a mobile phone or network is unreachable.
  • Craving for the latest models of mobile devices and the newest applications.

There is also a number of physical effects caused by teenage cell phone addiction, such as fingers, neck and back tension, itchy eyes, insomnia, weight change, changes in diet, fatigue, difficulties in focusing on one subject, distracted attention, etc.

Overall, teen cell phone addiction often leads to problems and failures in studies as well as loss of interest in hobbies, sports, and outdoor activities. In some cases, it can also cause social loneliness, loss of friends, staying isolated.”                     

Click on the link below to read some information about teens cell phone addiction:

Watch the video!

You should learn how to use your cell phone properly.

Surf the following website to learn what Cell Phone Etiquette is:

And now some tests!

Mobile phones and teens: read and do some exercises.



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