Friday, 25 April 2014

Fakebook - let's have fun with biographies

This is a very interesting tool to study biographies in a different way.

With Fakebook you can invent a profile of any historical or fictional character. Your result will be a Facebook-like page!
You can add images, links, videos, "friends", comments and "likes"! 
I think it could be very useful to study history or literature. 
Below you can see some Fakebook pages:

I personally created the following brief example with my students. Some time ago we watched the movie "The king's speech" about king George VI
( so the Fakebook page is about the period between king George V death and the outbreack of world war II.
There are some quotes, original pictures and links to original videos, as well. Have fun! 

Albert Windsor fakebook page

Now choose a historical character or a celebrity and 
enjoy creating your own fakebook page!