Monday, 24 March 2014

Avatar - do we respect our world?

In this blog I have several times had occasion to say that I like using movies in my classes. Last week we saw Avatar. My students really loved it. I chose this film because it allows to discuss and study in deep many themes, as the respect for nature and for others.

Watch the trailer

Avatar is a 2009 American science-fiction action movie written and directed by James Cameron. We are in the 22nd century and humans are mining a precious mineral on a habitable moon, Pandora. The expansion of the mining colony threatens the existence of the local tribe of Na'vi. "Avatars" are genetically engineered Na'vi bodies with the minds of remotely located humans, and are used to interact with the natives of Pandora.
There are many themes in this film that we could think over.

The world on Pandora demonstrates the healing power of Mother Nature. One of the more amazing themes in Avatar is the "neural connection fibers" of each living creature on the planet. Animals, humanoids, trees and flowers have these neural connection fibers, allowing all living creatures to "plug in" to each other's neural networks. Once connected, they can feel each other's emotions and thoughts. Also in our real world plants talk to each other through their roots and other sensory systems.
The way the Na'vi live in harmony with the rest of the universe is one of the most beautiful elements of the film. We should remember the universal oneness that is at the core of our spiritual essence. As we should remember to honor the sacredness of our land. The Na'vi honour their Hometree (where they live) and their Tree of Souls (where they worship). 
How interconnected do you feel toward other people, living creatures, planet and universe?
How do you honor your own space?  

Western nations use their military force to invade lesser developed countries, terrorize their people and plunder their lands for natural resources.
It happens every day, for example much of what takes place in Avatar could be compared with the struggle between petroleum companies and the indigenous populations of the Amazon rainforest.
Do you think it's right to colinize a country?


Now try the following amazing official Avatar's site. You will find any kind of information about the film, images and videos:

The link below is really incredible! Click on Pandorapedia and learn everything about Pandora's fauna and flora and the Na'vi's life. You can even learn the Na'vi language!


Surf on the Pandorapedia (link above). 
You are a Na'vi and live on Pandora. 
Describe your typical day, tell what you eat, what you do, where you go, etc.
Eywa ngahu! (Goodbye in Na'vi language)