Sunday, 19 January 2014

For teachers - a different kind of lesson

Don't know how to make your lesson more interesting?
If you want to take a more "digital" and interactive lesson you can use Blendspace or Thinglink.

I've tried both. They're really easy to use.


With Blendspace you can create  lessons with digital contents very quickly. You have a grid and you choose an interactive link for each box. You can also upload material from your pc.

this is my example:


With this tool you choose an image and then add many links (videos, music, images, etc.) to it to make it interactive.
My example:

Bye for now!

I'll keep on surfing the Net 
through digital tools...


  1. I would suggest that you improve your use of "Disclaimers" - "Aknowledgements" - and "Credits", which are popular with people who share things and admit that they owe the idea to someone else! Mrs Laura Cimetta on FB Insegnanti 2.0 would highly appreciate it, I guess ...

  2. Never heard of you...sorry! I've replied privately but had no answer! Who should I thank??? I've just tried some free tools!! I've even posted some examples of MINE!

  3. Teresa Moore from ESL Teachers community22 January 2014 at 18:46

    Roberta, thank you for these links. I am creating an eTextbook for teachers and students and needed a format to have links to make it interactive...this helps!!! Thanks!!!

  4. Ian Hall from Australia22 January 2014 at 19:05

    Hi +ROBERTA MARTINO, how're you? Your blog is fabulous I have added to wikispaces for CRT

  5. This is a really good way to share experiences (my english is not very good, but i'll try to improve it)

  6. Thank you Giuseppe! Your English is perfect!

  7. Thanks Roberta, for sharing. This is interesting and will share with my colleagues.