Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Amsterdam ...and study tours!

Your travelling teachers went to Amsterdam this time!

We went there to attend a meeting about study tours.

What are study tours?
International study tours are a great opportunity for learners to combine an overseas travel and cultural experience with studies focusing on the language. Study tours emphasise experiential learning and allow students to explore new territories, cultures and people. They combine theory with real-life experience and cultural perspective.
Exploring the world can be life-changing!

 Studying abroad you will:
  1. Meet new friends from around the world.
  2. Gain new perspectives on things you normally wouldn't have.
  3. Improve a foreign language and learn a few things you didn't already know.
  4. Learn to be more independent.
  5. Immerse yourself in a completely different culture.

       Studying English in the country where it's spoken is a unique experience! 

      Many of the courses you can attend in the United Kingdom are recognized by the British Council.
      The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations.

      Would you like to have an experience like this?
       ... Pack up your things and leave!!


    1. When are we leaving??? I want to go!!

    2. Well, in July someone of my class are going to go to a college in Bath for a study-holiday.
      I'd like to have this experience to improve my english and to learn about a new country.
      I think that a study-holiday is a great way to learn how people live in another country, not only to spend more time with my classmates and I already know how important english is.
      So, when I go abroad I think it's important most of all to find a lot of opportunities to use english.
      To prepare for my study-holiday I'll do exercises of listening and speaking of common expressions, useful words and many other phrases.
      I think I won't have any problem during the study holiday, so... I hope I'll can have this wonderful experience!!!

      Sveva - 3°B

    3. Sveva, I really hope you will join us!! It will be a great experience!

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